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    School Information

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      i A way of organizing schools that uses individual student progress, rather than age or grade level, to determine when students move from one stage of schooling to another. In an ungraded (also called nongraded) primary school, some students take longer than others to move into 4th grade from a primary-level multi-age classroom (kindergarten through 3rd grade). Students are not classified by grade levels and not evaluated using traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, F), but their achievement is carefully monitored.

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      Special education school.

      i A public elementary/secondary school that focuses primarily on special education—including instruction for any of the following students with: autism, deaf-blindness, developmental delay, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, serious emotional disturbance, specific learning disability, speech or language impairment, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment, and other health impairments—and that adapts curriculum, materials, or instruction for students served.

    • Private/Public:

      Public School.

      i A school or institution controlled and operated by publicly elected or appointed officials and deriving its primary support from public funds.

    • District Name:

      Nys Office For People With Developmental Disabilities.

      i An education agency at the local level that exists primarily to operate public schools or to contract for public school services. Synonyms are “local basic administrative unit” and “local education agency.”

  • Demo­gra­phics
    School Demographics

    • 1

      Total Students

      i Annual headcount of students enrolled in school on October 1 or the school day closest to that date. In any given year, some small schools will not have any students.

    • 42.4

      Classroom Teachers

    • 0.02

      Students/Teachers Ratio

      i The number of students per one teacher in the school.

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    School Address

    • Address:

      249 Glenwood Rd | Binghamton 13905.
    • County/State:

      Broome County NY.
    • Urban locale:

      Mid-size suburb.

      i Territory outside a principal city and inside an urbanized area with population less than 250,000 and greater than or equal to 100,000.

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    • Phone:

      (607) 770-0475
    • Mailing Address:

      249 Glenwood Rd
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    Other Information

    • Online/Virtual school:


      i The school does not offer any virtual instruction

    • Charter School:


      i Charter school is a publicly funded school that is typically governed by a group or organization under a legislative contract—a charter—with the state, district, or other entity.

    • Magnet School:


      i A magnet school or program is a special school or program designed to: attract students of different racial/ethnic backgrounds for the purpose of reducing, preventing, or eliminating racial isolation; and/or to provide an academic or social focus on a particular theme (e.g., science/math, performing arts, gifted/talented, or foreign language).

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