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    School Information

    • School Level:

      Combined (Private Schools).

      i A school is classified as combined if it has one or more of grades K–6 and one or more of grades 9–12; for example, schools with grades K–12, 6–12, 6–9, or 1–12 are classified as having combined grades. Schools in which all students are ungraded (i.e., not classified by standard grade levels) are also classified as combined.

    • From:

    • To:

      12th Grade.
    • Type:

      Regular school.

      i A public elementary/secondary school providing instruction and education services that does not focus primarily on special education, vocational/technical education, or alternative education, or on any of the particular themes associated with magnet/special program emphasis schools.

    • Private/Public:

      Private School.

      i A school or institution that is controlled by an individual or agency other than a state, a subdivision of a state, or the federal government, which is usually supported primarily by other than public funds, and the operation of whose program rests with other than publicly elected or appointed officials.

  • Demo­gra­phics
    School Demographics

    • 92

      Total Students

      i Annual headcount of students enrolled in school on October 1 or the school day closest to that date. In any given year, some small schools will not have any students.

    • 14

      Classroom Teachers

    • 6.57

      Students/Teachers Ratio

      i The number of students per one teacher in the school.

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    • Address:

      2101 Owego Rd | Vestal 13850.
    • County/State:

      Broome County NY.
    • Urban locale:

      Fringe rural.

      i Census-defined rural territory that is less than or equal to 5 miles from an urbanized area, as well as rural territory that is less than or equal to 2.5 miles from an urban cluster.

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      (607) 748-3301
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    • Charter School:


      i Charter school is a publicly funded school that is typically governed by a group or organization under a legislative contract—a charter—with the state, district, or other entity.

    • Magnet School:


      i A magnet school or program is a special school or program designed to: attract students of different racial/ethnic backgrounds for the purpose of reducing, preventing, or eliminating racial isolation; and/or to provide an academic or social focus on a particular theme (e.g., science/math, performing arts, gifted/talented, or foreign language).